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Rekluse, CoreEXP 3.0 centrifugal clutch kit

Artikelnummer: MCS923290

A high performance centrifugal operated clutch that is racing compatible. The big advantage over other performance clutches? You will never again have to pull the clutch when in heavy traffic or when waiting for that traffic light that refuses to turn green. Otherwise, there's no difference with a regular clutch. When the engine revs increase the clutch automatically engages, after that it turns to a regular clutch. The 'engage' RPM is adjustable and a 'how to' tuning card is included. The clutch comes at 'medium setting'. Settings available are 'Low' ( 1150 RPM). Above these RPMs you will keep a full functional clutch lever, shifting requires pulling the clutch just like a regular clutch. The clutch only disengages below a certain RPM giving you take off and stops in gear, without using the clutch lever and preventing accidental stalls. This clutch system was initially developed for motocross/dirt bike/adventure bikes, only to prevent nasty accidental stalls in rough terrain, so the rider can have full focus on bike, trail and racing. On the street circumstances may differ, but it works equally well and when navigating in heavy traffic it is a blessing. No modifications are required to OEM parts. The Rekluse sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching. The TorqDrive system allows more discs in less space, totalling to 6 additional friction disks over stock. These friction plates provide up to 50% more clutch hold capacity, all without using stronger springs or a special lock-up device. The most economical way to transform a Sportster to the Rekluse automatic centrifugal clutch system. Includes a billet clutch hub and billet pressure plate for conversion from the stock diaphragm to 6 classic coil springs. The OEM friction discs must be re-used. New steel drive plates are included.

Kategorie: Startseite

1.020,00 €

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Lieferzeit: 2 - 3 Werktage


Sportster: 18-20 XL 1200CX Roadster; 12-17 XL 1200V Seventy-Two; 2007 XL 1200 50th Anniversary; 2001 XL 1200GE Custom; 2017 XL 1200T Super Low; 2015 XL 1200T Super Low; 95-98 XLH 1200S Sport; 2003 XL 883R Roadster; 2002 XLH 1200S Sport; 95-98 XLH 1200C Custom; 99-01 XLH 883 Custom; 2003 XL 1200S Sport; 99-01 XL 1200S Sport; 95-96 XLH 883 Deluxe; 04-09 XL 1200R Roadster; 95-02 XLH 883 Hugger; 07-10 XL 1200L Low; 18-20 XL 1200NS Iron; 95-01 XLH 883 STD; 2003 XLH 883 STD; 2011 XL 1200L; 05-10 XL 883L Low; 08-12 XL 1200N Nightster; 11-17 XL 1200CP Custom; 99-00 XL 1200CG Custom; 05-10 XL 883R Race Replica; 2002 XL 883R Race Replica; 13-17 XL 1200CB Custom Limited B; 09-20 XL 883N Iron; 11-19 XL 883L Super Low; 11-20 XL 1200X Fourty-Eight; 13-17 XL 1200CA Custom Limited A; 2002 XLH 1200C Custom; 95-03 XLH 1200; 02-10 XL 883C Custom; 2013 XL 1200C Custom Anniversary; 03-19 XL 1200C Custom; 2003 XL 883 Hugger; 04-09 XL 883; 2002 XL 883; 11-17 XL 883R Roadster.

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