Legend Air Suspension kit Black Harley Softail M8 18-19

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18-19 Softail FatBob FXFB/S, Heritage Classic FLHC/S

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Offers stock ride height of 13" and slams to 11.25" when parked. Wheel travel 3.50". Shock mounts under the seat, replacing the stock shock. Air compressor is pre-wired and mounts under the bike in front of swingarm. Rebound is 6-step knob adjustable. Superior riding characteristics with spherical shock bearings, Aramid Fiber adjustable air spring technology, deflective disc damping and no bottoming out under any load. Includes wiring harness with 3 easy Deutsch connectors. On the fly adjustability with OEM style black handlebar mounted switch. Six external knob adjustments allow fine-tuning of rebound utilizing needle valve technology. Provides optimum rebound performance for any given rider weight, personal ride quality preference, or personal riding style. Light to heavy riders can fine-tune ride preference. High flow piston reacts quickly for improved fluid flow management. Deflective disc valved damping self adjust to frequency and ensures controlled performance.

Note: Will physically fit all Softail (excl. FXDR) but is compatible with the stock ride height of Fat Bob FXFB/S and Heritage Classic FLHC/S models only.

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