Kuryakyn Prism+ Flare LED light kit

Artikelnummer: MCS581324

The flexible steel-mounting bracket allows installation on fender mounting bolts, chain/belt guard mounting bolts or any other convenient fastener for maximum ancillary glow. Designed to seamlessly integrate into the Prism+ Accent lighting system that offers a variety of ways to turn your ride into a rolling canvas of lightâ??all controlled by your phone via Bluetooth. Distinct L.E.D. accent lighting personalized by you! Includes: 2x Prism Flare lights, 1x long Y connector, zip ties, alcohol pads and dielectric grease. 6 intensely bright wide-angle L.E.D.s (92 mA draw per Flare Light). Durable IP67 rated water-proof housings and connectors. Add to an existing Prism+ Accent light kit or use by itself with the addition of a Prism+ Bluetooth controller 581326 (sold separately).

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Universal 12V Applications. Add onto existing Prism Light Kit or purchase V2 Prism Bluetooth Controller 581326 (sold separately)

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